“As a mother of two and a department head with 200 employees; it is next to impossible to find ANY “me” time. Tueykay’s flexibility and availability are second only to her amazing gift as a healer and body worker. It is so easy to have her in our home at any hour of night or day and she is a true miracle worker.”

– Sara Newkirk Simon, Agent, Los Angeles, CA


“If you’re in a busy, stressed season like me or a lot of us, Tueykay, is the best to rejuvenate & restore you to maximum wellness.  You’ll be glad you did.”

– Bill Carmody, New York, NY


As the author of 17 books on business excellence and a survivor of 25 years of the highest levels of the entertainment industry, I feel well qualified to discuss business excellence and stress reduction.  I am proud to recommend Tueykay, an extraordinary healer of massage and stress reduction.

For the past year I have worked with her, she has been an extraordinary and blissful edition to my life. She has always been professional and enormously encouraging and I recommend her proudly.




Michael Levine

Author & Media Expert