Q: What are the main objectives of Acupuncture treatments?

1) Balance, harmonize and integrate the functions of the internal organs

2) Relieve pain and other symptoms

3) Strengthen the immune system


Q:  Does it hurt?  I’m afraid of needles.

  1. Not if administered by a professional Licensed Acupuncturist.  Acupuncture needles are thin, hair like or fine needles, not the hypodermic needles for medical injections.  The slender needle when inserted produces little or no sensation at all.  When the needle makes contact with Chi (energy), most people experience a mild tingling sensation.


Q:  How long does a treatment take and how many times do I need it?

Depending on what the person is being treated for, each session lasts approximately 40 – 55 minutes.  Each person’s body and response will vary with each session.  The typical recommendation is 3 to 5 treatments for an acute complaint, administered no less than 1 time /week with 2 times / week optimal.  Some chronic conditions may need 8 to 16 treatments. And sometimes, even with the Acupuncturists best efforts and skill, the client will not respond to treatment.  In general, acute conditions such as sprain/ strains, require fewer treatments than chronic conditions.


Q: Are Acupuncture needles safe?

Yes, in the state of California all Acupuncturists are now required to use single use, sterilized and disposable needles.


Q: Can Acupuncture help relieve pain?

YES.  Pain relief is the major objective for most people who seek acupuncture care.  Some of the major complaints are pain anywhere in the body such as the back, neck and shoulders, headaches, the wrists (carpal tunnel) and knees.


Q: Can Acupuncture help the “Stressed-Out” feeling?

YES.  Stress can make us sick.  People know that the demands of modern and daily life leave many people feeling worried, anxious or restless.  There seems to be more to do with less time to do it.  Too much stress offsets the balanced free-flowing Chi within the body.  Stimulating the acupoints helps restore the normal flow of Chi.


Q: I want to tell my friends about Acupuncture, how do I explain it to them?

Keep it simple.  No need to get technical.  Tell your friend how you were feeling before acupuncture care and how acupuncture has changed or helped you.