The lymph system is the foundation of the body’s immune system. When an individual is healthy, lymph fluid flows smoothly. However, the lymphatic system can get blocked or slowed down due to inactivity, injury or illness.

Revitalizing the lymphatic flow is done by using a very light, rhythmic touch. This stimulates the draining of old, toxic lymph fluids. Touch, which simulates ocean waves moving into the center of the body and specifically, the colon.

After the old lymph fluid reaches the colon area, the abdominal area are ‘massaged’ and softened to better receive the incoming lymph and to facilitate elimination via the colon. New and healthy lymph fluids replace the old so you can feel light and clear!

This can be done before, during of after cold symptoms, to alleviate post-surgical symptoms or scars, especially helpful to reduce swelling from liposuction and breast reduction/ augmentation.

For optimal results, we recommend a series of at least 3 sessions.