Group or Corporate Wellness
Our objective is to optimize the health of each staff member. Healthy staff members maximize longevity, productivity, and creativity, besides the bottom line.

Give your employees a “Work Week Wow!”

With Onsite Wellness, the staff wakes up excited to come to work, knowing that each day will invigorate and increase health.
Projects and Deadlines are met with calm and focus. Stress is decreased and a sense of wellness pervades every activity. Performance optimized! Health & low stress optimize focus and productivity. Improve Time Management: Focused concentration means working Smarter, not harder Inspire Loyalty. Your staff will know they are taken care of in one of the most important ways: their health and wellness.

With Onsite Wellness you receive: 

1. Service: We address your health and wellness requirements.

2. Experience: Years of experience brought to your office – literally! We are licensed professionals with accumulated experience of several decades!

3. Price/Affordability: We are honest and competitive. We believe in accessibility and integrity!

4. Quality and Value: Our training and experience ensures you receive quality of service every time.

5. Reliability: You can count on us to provide consistency of service.

6. Convenience: With our Mobile Team at the ready, we can fit into your day, rather than you fit into our day.

7. Customization: You decide the schedule. We will work with you to provide a custom program that integrates with your office routine. Weekly, monthly, whatever you require, we will custom design a program with you.

Invite us over to loosen up the team before starting a new project or reward them for a job a “Well done!”

Mobile Team Service Offerings: 

Massage Therapy: either on a Massage Chair for the quick pick-me-ups or lying down completely on a portable massage table.

Acupuncture: Oriental Medicine is widely used for decreasing any kind of pain, is optimal for reducing or eliminating colds and cold-related symptoms. We won’t take up too much space, your staff remains clothed and we can gently place the tiny needles on the hands, feet or ears. Many movie and T.V backstage sets utilize Acupuncturists to alleviate stress from long work hours.

Chiropractic: There is nothing worse than a headache or migraine that flares up just before an important meeting. Any kind of low back pain will create difficulty moving or sitting on a chair for long periods of time. Many movie and T.V backstage sets utilize chiropractors to help relieve the pressure of working 16 plus hour days.

Our Wellness Doctors provide inspiring “Sit and Stay Fit”, “Stress and Time Management” or “Healthy Lunches on the Go” as a sample of Lunch and Learn topics.

Yoga: Early morning, lunch hour, or after work. Moving and breathing is a great way to loosen up the long work hours at the desk. Decrease carpal tunnel syndrome and brain fog days with Oxygen (breathing). Improve your posture and relax the neck muscles with Stretching.

Your company can benefit with many of the healthcare services that we offer. We will arrive in your office and do a simple assessment of the overall health status of your staff and create a catered rehabilitation workout.

This program will be designed to increase mental and/or athletic performance of your staff through a variety of physical systems as part of your Customized Wellness Program. We utilize a unique combination of Lunch and Learns, On-Site massage therapy and yoga or fitness routine for the total approach to Personal Care.


Custom Programs can include:

– Lunch and Learns – Acupuncture – Massage Therapy – Yoga Instruction – Fitness Instruction –

When booking your special event, a 50% deposit is required with 72 hours cancellation notice. With less than 72 hours notice, 20% is non-refundable. There is an additional charge for travel outside our standard area.


Please See In-office Wellness Services tab for full descriptions of all services; each In-office Wellness service is also available for Corporate Wellness Services.*